Tuesday 23 December 2008

DES Voices From Anger to Action" by Pat Cody

"DES Voices From Anger to Action" by Pat Cody is a truly fantastic book about the makings of the DES Action movement world-wide. Here are the words of Kari Christianson (DES Action Program Director): "Even before co-founding DES Action in 1978, Pat Cody was legend. She and her husband Fred started Cody's Books in Berkeley, nurturing a generation of activists and authors within the walls of their famous bookstore. In the early 70s Pat first heard about the harm caused by DES, the drug that she took during pregnancy with her oldest daughter. An economist and writer, Pat developed the style of communication, research, and advocacy that defines DES Action. Pat is our heart and soul - the DES Mother who is the Mother of DES Action."

You can locate this book (ID 2327433) for purchase at www.lulu.com or FREE download at:
http://www.lulu.com/items/volume_63/2327000/2327433/3/print/2327433.pdf (252 pages, pdf, 1140 KB )