Tuesday 15 January 2013

Worldwide Petition for Lilly to "fess up"

Patricia Royall, a plaintiff in one of the pending DES breast cancer lawsuits, attended the recent DES breast cancer trial in Boston. She became upset when she heard Eli Lilly's announcement after the settlement. Eli Lilly said, "While we continue to believe that Lilly's medication did not cause the conditions alleged in the lawsuit, we believe the settlement is in the best interests of the company."

Not content to sit back and do nothing, Patricia has headed up a worldwide petition demanding Eli Lilly's CEO to "fess up" about DES and aims for 5,000 signatures. This petition is fast gaining publicity and infiltrating cyber networks. The fact of Eli Lilly's lack of remorse and refusal to "fess up" whilst spending millions settling DES lawsuits is enough to make anyone chew nails and spit tacks. The groundswell of hostility and determination is evident among the DES community who have made comments on the petition website. Even celebrity stars are joining in to sign the petition!

To sign the petition, click on http://www.thepetitionsite.com/555/889/673/eli-lilly-fess-up-on-des/

The twitter hashtag #keepLillyhonest is also trending.

Patricia, pictured left,  hopes the petition, as well as sending the message to Eli Lilly that DES exposed people are not going away, will raise worldwide awareness of DES.


Listen to Voice Over "Eli Lilly DES Tragedy" by Larry Murphy:

Eli Lilly DES Tragedy

 Update 18/1/13
Votes and comments are coming in from the Australian DES exposed contingent. Thank you and keep it up! Read article http://celebritiesindisgrace.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/eli-lillys-continued-d-e-s-shame-an-update/#more-8934

Update 24/1/13
Listen to the articulate Andrea Goldstein, DES daughter, Gynaecology Nurse outline what Eli Lilly has done to us in the medical/social historical context:

Read Breast Cancer Action USA published article:

Friday 11 January 2013


Media Release
11th January 2013

Australian breast cancer victims denied DES information

A breakthrough legal case this week in Boston USA against drug company Eli Lilly has opened the compensation floodgates for breast cancer victims who were exposed in the womb to the anti-miscarriage drug DES. But thousands of Australian women diagnosed with breast cancer are oblivious to the fact of their DES exposure, its full health implications, the vital health care they need, and that they too, might have opportunity to get compensation.

DES, or diethylstilboestrol, was prescribed to millions of pregnant women over three decades to prevent miscarriage. It was taken off the market in the early 1970s after it was linked to clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina/cervix in women exposed to DES fin the womb. The DES Action group in NSW says there would be thousands of women diagnosed with breast cancer among their estimated 185,000 DES daughters in Australia who are oblivious to the link between DES and breast cancer.

"The DES health situation in this country is a huge mess," says Carol Devine, the group's coordinator. "Protecting drug companies is likely at the core of it, especially where the government refuses to promote the DES health issue in public health programs." "The population is oblivious to this extremely harmful drug and now our breast cancer victims are suffering," adds Devine.

The Breastscreen Australia Evaluation Report in 2009 stated DES daughters do not require extra screening. However, there is contradictory advice by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Cancer Council NSW that DES daughters should have annual mammography and breast checks.

More information about DES at www.desnsw.blogspot.com

Thursday 10 January 2013

US Victory/Australian DES Mess

From USA this week comes the welcomed news of the successful legal settlement by four sisters who sued drug company Eli Lilly, claiming their breast cancer was caused by their exposure to DES in the womb. The Melnick sisters' case was the first to go to trial out of scores of similar claims filed around US.

This legal breakthrough highlights the mess in Australian DES health care, where thousands of Australian women diagnosed with breast cancer are oblivious to the fact of having been DES exposed. Adding insult to injury, the 2009 Breastscreen Evaluation Report stated DES daughters do not need extra screening, when we know they need annual mammography according to Cancer Council NSW and RANZCOG advice. At the very core of this DES mess is the Australian government's refusal to promote DES information in public health programs, thus denying the prospects of Australians ever knowing the possibility of having been exposed to the drug.

Today the publication for doctors, Medical Observer reported about the legal trial's success, but failed to address breast health care advice for DES daughters. Our NSW DES Action group  has written to the Federal Health Minister today requesting her prompt investigation into this terrible discrepancy in breast health care advice for DES daughters. Our group has sent media releases about the successful trial and our urgent matter to major newspapers across Australia.Now we just wait for the Australian media to wake up and see the seriousness of our DES mess.

Saturday 5 January 2013

Breast Cancer Lawsuit

This week US media has been reporting on the DES lawsuit about to unfold in Boston federal court this Friday. This case involves the Melnick sisters, who will be suing drug manufacturer Eli Lilly & Co. All DES daughters, the four sisters Donna, Michele, Andrea and Francine, aside from suffering DES associated problems of miscarriages, fertility and reproductive tract problems, have all been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Their case is the first among 51 other DES daughters similarly affected by breast cancer with cases pending.

Some media articles here (one including Boston TV footage):