Tuesday 3 September 2013

DESperately seeking celebrities

In June this year, US model, actress and billboard recording artist Amy Weber opened up with her story on the TV program The Doctors about her experience as a DES daughter. Amy describes her struggle to become a mother after undergoing treatment for cervical cancer. In May 2009 Amy was finally able to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

As a result of Amy's very brave testimony, many thousands of TV viewers will learn about DES. If individuals know or suspect DES exposure, they will hopefully be able to navigate their way to find accurate information, such as what DES Action groups provide. No doubt Amy's actions will help many DES affected, including those who up until now have been unaware of the harm caused by DES and the special vital health care they need. We owe huge thanks to Amy!

Australia DESperately needs someone too, with the likes of Amy Weber, to bravely showcase their DES exposure experience in the Australian media. We wait and wish Down Under for this to happen.

Viewers can see here what Amy went through during her high-risk pregnancy, and meet her family!