Saturday 4 August 2012

WONDER DRUG almost makes it!

This week the film in development, WONDER DRUG was so very close to winning public votes in a survey by Indiewire. The winning margin was only 3%!!
You can see more about WONDER DRUG at

Thank you to everyone who voted. We are all supportive of screen writer and DES daughter, Caitlin McCarthy in her quest for Wonder DRUG to make it to the big screen. With this, there is hope the film will be shown Australia and further raise consciousness of drug disasters. And yes, drug disasters look set to continue with the now usage of dexamethasone in pregnant women to prevent intersex, tomboys and lesbians ( ). This report shows NOTHING has been learned from the horrors of the DES and thalidomide experience - thus making WONDER DRUG  all the more important for viewing audiences world-wide.