Saturday 31 July 2010


July has been the month for wonders for Caitlin McCarthy, screenwriter of the US film in development, WONDER DRUG. Caitlin (in photo) received the award "Most Likely To Be Produced" at the 2010 Action on Film International Film Festival. No doubt she is feeling ecstatic and over the moon. Even a selected scene from WONDER DRUG was screened at this Festival. Caitlin was interviewed following her award achievement and this will be posted on YouTube over the next few weeks.

As we watch WONDER DRUG's development go from strength to strength, all Australians can gain hope for this film's distribution in Australia. The WONDER DRUG film in our country has the potential to end a good deal of unnecessary suffering now and in the future for all unsuspecting DES exposed Australians, who have so far been badly kept in the dark about the dangers of DES.

WONDER DRUG's attention is ever growing with blog posts and media articles. For the full stories about WONDER DRUG and to offer support, see

Monday 5 July 2010

Diagnosed with DES associated cancer?

Here is some interesting information for DES daughters who have had diagnosis of clear cell adenocarcinoma of the vagina/cervix (CCA).

The Center for Analysis for Rare Tumors (CART-WHEEL) is a project by the Royal Melbourne Hospital to study different kinds of rare tumors. People from all over the world are invited to submit information about about their particular tumor so that researchers can develop new insights into these understudied tumors and this may hopefully lead to better treatments.

You can read all about CART-WHEEL and register for participation in this research study at
For further information you can contact:
BioGrid Australia
6 North, Main Building
Royal Melbourne Hospital
Grattan St, Parkville 3050
VIC, Australia

Ph: +61 3 93423167

Australian DES daughters diagnosed with CCA are urged to self-report their cases to BOTH the Adverse Drug Reactions Unit ( and the DES Cancer Registry (

DES Action Australia-NSW knows of instances where cases have gone unreported by health care providers in Australia. Case reports are crucial to knowing the magnitude of the DES exposure problem in our country.

NY Times - Huge Ad

A full page advertisement by Aaron Levine & Associates was published in New York Times (27/6/10) about litigation opportunity for DES daughters affected by breast cancer. Aaron Levine & Associates is a US team of women's health lawyers, experienced in DES injury litigation and currently concentrating on breast cancer in DES daughters.

This advertisement certainly indicates the saga of suffering due to DES is far from over.

There is more information about legal recourse at the blog item 22/11/08 "Media Alert: Australian woman wins battle against 'wonder drug' makers in United States".