Thursday 22 September 2011


53 DES daughter breast cancer cases are now before US District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Boston, for a ruling on the scientific validity of evidence implicating DES with breast cancer in DES daughters after age 40.

These 53 women are being represented by Aaron M. Levine & Associates. Dr Hans-Olov Adami, former Chair of the Havard School of Public Health, Department of Epidemiology and a world-renowned physician and epidemiologist has testified for the case. In relation to the research by Dr Julie Palmer, he stated: " so the bottomline of this is it provides strong evidence that DES exposure increases the risk, and that the risk increase starts sometime around age 40 and then grows as women get older."

More information can be found in the article:

Watch this space for the outcome of this legal case. Case proceedings will be continuing possibly through to November and the trial is open to the public. "Faces to the cases" are needed to help support the 53 DES daughters in this historic legal case. If in the vicinity of Boston USA and you can help in this way, here are some details: