Monday 3 May 2010

DES Website Reminder Cards

DES Action Australia-NSW produces DES Website Reminder Cards to help people with known or suspected DES exposure. This business-sized card highlights and reminds people of this blog site and its reverse-side calendar is a reminder tool for annual DES examinations.
DES Action Australia-NSW makes these cards available to individuals affected and relevant health centres across Australia.

Why is the DES Website Reminder Card important for DES exposed men and women and their families to keep?

DES research is continuing and in particular in third generation effects. Should there be any findings that affect people's health care needs, then they and their families can know about this and take due care. This card can also be kept by people affected in their purse/wallets to help remind them of their necessary health checks.

DES Action Australia-NSW is especially grateful for the assistance of Women's Hospitals Australasia in forwarding (with their Association's compliments) our card samples and notification of the availability these cards to Women's Hospitals in Australia and New Zealand.

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