Thursday 19 May 2011

DES on USA radio

On May 17th the radio program Nightside with Dan Rea (WBZ 1030 AM radio, Boston CBS) broadcasted a segment about DES. Guests Andrea Goldstein and Dr Randi Hutter-Epstein joined Dan Rea to discuss the effects of DES, and the effects on children and grandchildren.

Australians, including those affected by DES, will find this informative. Here is the link to hear the program :

In this program Andrea Goldstein mentions 53 DES daughter breast cancer cases are now before a Magistrate Judge in Massachusetts. These cases are being examined with view to litigation holding drug companies that manufactured DES responsible. This is relevant to Australia, especially where the Australia BreastScreen Evaluation policy states DES daughters do not require more intensive screening or management protocols. DES Action Australia-NSW stands by the information provided by DES Action USA that DES daughters over age 40 require annual mammography, which is the same as that provided by Australia's TGA and RANZCOG. DES Action Australia-NSW has raised that a review of the BreastScreen policy re DES is warranted to the Minister for Health and Ageing.

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