Saturday 23 July 2011

DES Awareness Weeks - The way to go!

The DES Awareness Week event provides an instant angle on the DES story for journalists and the public attention generated helps DES exposed people who otherwise would not have known about the harm of DES and the special health care they need. For the past six years DES Action Australia-NSW has held DES Awareness Week June 1-7 on government health event calendars. These events have successfully raised awareness of DES Australia-wide and helped many DES exposed people. We know the effect of the DES Action group's unfunded events would be no match success-wise to the promotion of DES information in government public health programs. However, until such time that government action occurs, the opportunity that DES Awareness Week provides should be taken. Here is a recent article:

By the way, we always need help from Australian volunteers in sharing their DES stories for journalists. If you can help, please phone 02 98754820.

We have great news too that DES Awareness Week is happening now in Massachusetts USA for July 17-23. Here is US article:

This is the way to go and let there be more!

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