Wednesday 12 January 2011


US screenwriter and DES daughter, Caitlin McCarthy, has been named as one of the "People to Watch in 2011" in The Pulse Magazine. This article mentions Caitlin's work with Senator John Kerry and Senator Scott Brown to get an apology from the US Food and Drug Administration for the DES drug disaster.
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Garance said...

Hi ,
I am a DES daughter and i am so pleased to see that at last DES is being reconnized as a pure Medical tragedy and a hudge health scandal.
At 46 years i have lost my daughter at birth , had 8 misscaridges and a lot of health problems.
I ll never be a mother neither a grand mother , i have suffered at young age without being abble to talk to family or friends about it .
No one knew what DES was !
Here in France things are moving also too slowly for the old DES women as me but i hope that someday people will understand that Medecine can be deadly ...
It as killed a part of me , i was lucky to be a strong woman .
Thank you for your work , i did live in Sydney and happened to end up at the Hospital for a misscaridge then , the doctor did not know what DES was .....

Carol Devine said...

I am very sad to hear about your problems due to DES and I am especially sad and angry that you had such an experience in Australia. Here in Australia we hear of other people's stories, too, about doctors' ignorance regarding DES. We have word from Australian medical authorities that DES information is in the curriculum for medical students. However, like the information provided for the public, it is buried, and not on the "radar" for doctors. This is all the more reason for DES activists to be as active as possible with media and to strongly lobby governments. So far, there is no reason whatsoever to give up on these activities.