Monday 14 March 2011

DES and Mental Health

There is relatively little research about the effects of DES exposure on mental health. A list of Psychology References can be found at
DES Action Australia-NSW has received phone calls from DES exposed people experiencing mental health issues, as well as relationship difficulties with family members/partners in regards to DES exposure.

This week we have news of a French study showing DES exposure in utero linked with mental health issues. The study's survey showed significant occurrence of psychiatric disorders in DES exposed offspring in comparison with non-DES exposed siblings.* Some of these disorders included depression, anorexia and schizophrenia. The incidence of attempted suicide and suicide showed another startling result. The researcher involved, Marie-Odile Gobillard-Soyer, will be working further on this study result in collaboration with AFFSSAPS (the equivalent of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia). More information (in English), along with a French TV news clip about this, can be found at

* Further information from the researcher has clarified that the surveyed group of DES exposed offspring also included those exposed in utero to other synthetic hormones, ie, ethinyl oestradiol (oestrogen), synthetic progesterone (often administered in addition to DES). DES represented a third of all in utero hormonal exposures in the surveyed group.

To help with psychological counselling needs, DES Action Australia-NSW has the listed resources of:

Relationships Australia (a national counselling service)
Phone 1300 364 277 (for details of nearest service)


Mothersafe Counselling Service (NSW)
(for exposures during pregnancy)
Phone 0293826539
Toll free 1800 647848

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