Thursday 3 March 2011

DES Message Spreads

Whenever networking or making representations at various public events about breast cancer, the organisation DES Action Australia-NSW encounters many DES exposed women previously diagnosed with breast cancer. These women report not being previously aware of the link between DES and breast cancer. DES Action Australia-NSW has been able to provide these women information resources covering all aspects of DES exposure health effects.

As a result of liaising with Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA), there is pleasing news that the Network now has an item about DES exposure on its website at

Please note: The Australian Government does not officially make any provision for DES mothers and DES daughters over age 40 to receive their recommended annual mammograms at BreastScreen clinics. However, it is possible for DES mothers and DES daughters over age 40 to acquire free annual mammograms at BreastScreen clinics, by writing to their own local Breastscreen Director. (See blog item 17/1/09)

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